Stretching Exercises To Ease Tension When You Are Pregnant


Therefore many”experts” speak about the rewards of practice – but rarely do they say STRETCHING. Well, I’m here to say that stretching may be the FORGOTTEN friend!

7 Reasons to STRETCH…


1. Increases your time – it gets your flow and oxygen teeth pain while pregnant flowing to all areas of the human body (for example your brain!) ;

2. Encourages flexibility and reduces pains – it exfoliates your muscles which will help prevent cramping and muscle strain;

3. Encourages human body awareness – I return to the particular point; human body awareness is KEY to get an easy labor. I discovered it really helped me to understand exactly just how to push (I really could tell when I wasn’t doing it quite right!) ;

4. Improves posture – whenever you are human body aware, you connect to the earth better and like wise stand with better position – very essential within an healthy pregnancy, especially to the back!

5. Allergic pressure – stretching relaxes and soothes even the very stressed moms-to-be. I realize that the moment I am onto my second stretch (especially the floor ones!) I am at a trance, nothing bothers me give it a try, it’s well worth it!

6. Encourages good breathing – a good stretch takes 30-60 seconds of very good quality breathing to have the oxygen down to the muscles. All that practice will definitely create your delivery easier!

7. Increases your well being – I detect that”stretchers” are more joyful mothers. They have been more attached with their own bodies and are an average of happier complete with their own pregnancies.

Therefore, just as you brush your teeth daily, I’d urge you to complete at least a couple of of KEY stretches to ward off any undesired aches and suffering (especially backpain!) .

Focus on stretching your torso, leg and back muscles (especially your hamstrings and hip flexors – those are very tight from sitting all of the time!) .

My favorite moves would be the Door Frame Chest Stretch, Cat Stretch, and Child’s Pose stretch.

Doorframe Chest Stretch

Reputation , with your elbow bent 90-degrees, put your forearm onto the edge on a doorway or wall socket. Open your palms up and lean forward, turning slightly from the raised arm.

Cat Stretch

Kneeling back on all-4’s around up your back into the ceiling as high as it’ll go. Pretend you are pulling on your belly button towards your spine.

Child Pose Stretch

While kneeling open the own knees into the sides and sit , reach your fingers out over a floor as far as they’ll go, forehead onto the ground. Rock side to side if it seems good. Hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds and make sure to BREATHE!

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